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“Just wanted to say once again thank you very much for the coverage you provided. I found it to be right on the mark and I believe the draft I have just completed is very much improved due to your insights. I will definitely use your services on my next effort.”

~Michael Cassidy, Screenwriter
Signed with 3 Arts Entertainment
Hired to write script by producer client
2012 Bronze Prize Winner PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
2010 Semi-Finalist PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
(Also in 2010 top 25%: 1 Short)
Finalist Tracking B Awards

*Signed with management, hired to write script, and placed in contests after receiving coverage and proofread from The Screenplay Services on several screenplays



“I truly appreciate your painfully honest truth. In the multiple writing projects you have covered for me, I have been able to take your evaluation to heart and have seen incredible improvements in both my structure and execution of ideas. Even when I think you’re completely wrong, you somehow become totally right. How do you do that??? 🙂 Thank you; your service is both invaluable and highly recommendable.”

~Marina Loos, Screenwriter
Script shopped by agent
Semi-Finalist: 2012 Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition
Semi-Finalist: 2012 Broad Humor Film Festival

*Script shopped by agent and placed in contests after coverage from The Screenplay Services on several screenplays



“Just wanted to let you know that Perfect Mania is now a PAGE semi-finalist. Thanks for your help with it!”

~Irina Tuchinsky,
2012 Semi-Finalist PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

*Placed in contest after polish from The Screenplay Services




“An exceptional evaluator; a fine blend of art and craft, head and heart. I am writing a gay teen thriller and want it to be sharp, edgy and top notch. He is a master at structure and pacing, helping me track the energy; where it works and where it bogs down. His comments are always about the screenplay and never about his ego. That makes his feedback trustworthy and invaluable. I highly recommend you give him a try.”

~Jeff Cotton
(Previous Honorable Mention, Script Saavy)


“Thanks for the great coverage you have been giving us. It is very thorough and very helpful to the decision making process.  We consider you a part of the team now!”

~Don Worley, Screenwriter/Producer/Actor,
Second Chance Pictures


“The coverage was extraordinarily helpful. Your thoughts definitely help me bring new elements to the story. Thank you so much for the feedback on the screenplay. I will definitely be using your services again. Thanks.”

~Hilton Ariel Ruiz, Screenwriter/Director/Producer,
Foresight Filmed Entertainment


“I just want to thank you because it opened up my eyes to the different possibilities, so me and the writer are going to sit down and take heed to what you said in your report. We’re going to develop the script more and send it to you again.  I feel like I was on American Idol and I thought I could sing and you were Simon and just ripped it apart. I really appreciate it; we’ll definitely be working together.”

~ Guerlain Paul, Producer/Screenwriter


“[His] critiques have proved invaluable to me. They incisively map out both general directions as well as offer specific suggestions that allow me to take my work to the next level. I highly recommend him.”

~Jonathan Goodman-Herrick LCSW,
P.L.A.Y. Productions, author of The Heart of Relationship


“I thank you wholeheartedly for the work you did on the coverage. I’ve used a few coverage services but yours is the very best. Henceforth, I don’t ever see myself sending out a script without you giving me your Development Coverage on it. Your coverage reads like a script–it keeps getting better and better. And the commercial analysis that you do is second to none. I will definitely refer other writers to you.”

~Jackson I.


“As a first time writer I thought your comments were fair, honest and accurate. Definitely the best money I have spent to follow my dream.  Thanks again.”

~Michael Spadaccino


“Thanks for the coverage. It will be extremely useful for me. I know of some others seeking possible coverage and took the liberty of passing your contact info to them.”

~Nadine Ezra




“I will carefeully review all your comments and review for future. I was very impressed with all the feedback and will continue to work with you. Much more impressive than other services I have used.”

~Jon Duff


“I must say you did a very thorough job of proofreading and providing great/easy markups to follow. Because of this I’m definitely going to use your services in the future.”

~Aurelio Kim

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