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‘Completed’ Screenplay Services

These services are for writers who have completed their screenplays.  See ‘Development’ Writing Services if you are still in the development phase of your script.



“Coverage” is what readers at studios, film companies, and agencies write on your screenplay before the decision-makers see it. Due to limited time, many producers and agents only read coverage, not the full script. Most of the time, you don’t get to see this coverage, and if you get bad coverage, the decision-makers/producers will never even take a look at your screenplay. In addition, agencies and film companies track scripts and writers, so if one of your screenplays gets bad coverage, they’ll never request another one again. That’s why you should get a coverage from a professional working in the film industry today.


4-6 pages
Standard Coverage includes a logline, a basic synopsis, and an analysis of your screenplay, touching on aspects like character, story, themes, and commercial viability (how your screenplay might fare in the marketplace, along with the performance of similar films).


7 – 10 pages
Development Coverage is a much more in depth look at your screenplay, making specific suggestions on improvement. In addition to the Standard Coverage, Development Coverage also includes Script Notes, which are page by page suggestions.


2 – 3 pages
A comments only section. This is best for subsequent drafts after I’ve written a coverage on your script. The comments will discuss the new draft overall, as well as the changes made and how they work.

*Please note: Coverage and Story Notes services do not include proofreading for grammar, spelling, punctuation or format.




After you’ve received your coverage or evaluation, we can set up a phone or Skype meeting if you wish to discuss and brainstorm a rewrite. If you are in or willing to travel to the Los Angeles/Culver City area, we can set up an in-person meeting for a Brainstorming Session.


To schedule an appointment and for rates and  samples, please contact me now.

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