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Schedule An Appointment

Due to the demand of my services, I’m now booking appointments in advance, sometimes from a few days to a couple months. Since I read all scripts and give my personal attention to them, I can only take on so many at a time. Also, if you hire me for writing services like an adaptation, rewrite, or polish, I will dedicate a specified amount of time to your project. Therefore it’s best to schedule an appointment.


By setting an appointment, you reserve a spot for me to begin working on your project. Also, this sometimes helps writers by having a deadline. Clients with appointments can also be put on the waiting list, so if an earlier appointment opens up, due to a client postponing, you will get the appointment (in order of booking).


RUSH JOB:  I’m now offering a rush job, meaning I will begin reading your script immediately. The cost for this is higher than normal rates, since I will be working outside of my normal consulting hours to help you.



To schedule an appointment and for rates and writing samples, please contact me now.

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