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Past Events

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scriptwriters Network

I presented a seminar lecture on theme in film.

How can a film leave a lasting impression? It starts with a strong screenplay with clear themes that resonate with an audience. We will take a look at a variety of films — from the 70’s to the present — and filmmakers — including Todd Haynes, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, and David Fincher — to see what themes are prevalent in landmark films and over a filmmaker’s career, to help inspire your own screenplays. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their scripts to help determine the important themes.

I highly recommend joining The Scriptwriters Network for the many educational seminars throughout the year as well as many more benefits for Screenwriters. More information can be found here: The Scriptwriter’s Network.



June 26, 2010

I attended to market my services to screenwriters from all over the world.

The Great American Pitchfest offers many free classes that I highly recommend for Screenwriters. Every year, Screenwriters convene to pitch their scripts to Executives at The Great American Pitchfest. I’ve personally attended as a Development Rep the last two years and witnessed the quality of film companies that attend, as well as the quality of classes offered on Saturday, which prepare writers for their pitch. Every year, screenplays are sold here to the companies that attend. If you want the chance to sell your screenplay and gain valuable experience at pitching your script, this is the place to be.





June 26, 2010


It is a little known secret that screenwriters love karaoke! Screenwriter Karaoke is just what it sounds like, but perhaps slightly cooler: Karaoke for Screenwriters. The event usually brings a mix of writers, actors, editors and various other filmmaking peers who love to rock out.

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